Misa Project Specifics


1. It has been decided that we will use modern industry standards, mainly using C++. Numerous email, mainly from MIS people, have complained that we are not basing this project in COBOL. With the consensus of software engineers that have written on this topic, the software engineers feel that there is not enough flexibility in developing engineered COBOL applications. Mainly to achieve our requirements and goals quickly, requires this rapid development facilities mainly CASE tools, OO methodology, and a UML project basis. Another factor was that not alot of people in the Open Source community(mainly people with Linux) don't have COBOL installed on their computer. Making end users go through an extra step in requiring the installation of COBOL goes against the first requirement of this project. Plus most COBOL programmers have never programmed under an open source license

2. For the accountants who help submit diagrams, your diagrams has been most helpful in designing the architecture. People we need more diagrams so that we can start coding!!! To reiterate what we need, basic architecture, accounting, and scheduling. Remember in order of desirability and you ability please choose the first way of writing diagrams you can: A.UML notation B.Flowcharts C. State Diagrams

3. A question of GUI has came up, and is a common problem to project under open source. Since GUI is a major issue, and is usually a factor on the success of any project, someone is needed to head this issue. But since we need to get this project going this can be settled on a later date. I would dissuaded from using KDE, on the basis of thief licenses wont allow MISA to be used in a profit generating environment. GTK looks like the forerunner for the Linux environment and VB for the

4. There needs to be alot more work in designing an integrated job scheduling and management mechanism for the components. For the scalability problem, Corba and DCOM has been suggested and noted. This is like the COBOL vs C++ thread. DCOM for the Open Source community is kind of nonexistent especially in Linux(except for one project still in alpha code). So to make it easy on the software engineers, CORBA will be most likely chosen for scaling problems and component communication.

5. Some suggested decision making abilities, using statistical analysts and data warehousing akin to SAS. Sure why not, if this software is going to run a business, why not help it make money too!!!

6. It has been brought up in the mailing lists that there are a multitude of financial programs that are perfectly usable programs under GPL, open source, and public domain, for example stock analyst software, POS systems, invoicing, and the list goes on. So it there will be a reverse engineering section of this site(not up yet). Full moderation, observance of all licenses and copyrights will be required in that section. We will only accept programs that have GPL, public domain, or other forms of Open Source licenses. The reverse engineering section will be legal and this is not up for debate.