Misa Project Requirements


0. An extensible framework for security: authentication, access control, and logging .

1. Each component in the first release version should be working. And the end user does not need to go through alot of extra tweaking steps.

2. This project is under GPL and LGPL which means its is available for no charge but respecting copyrights.

3 This project is object oriented - more specifically we use UML model for development communication between software engineers on component architecture.

4. Management of this project will follow a business model meaning, people who take on duties in development will have higher priority in matters pertaining to their task and to keep this project efficient there will be set schedules, meetings, and project managers.

5. Components are able to operate self independent of each other.

6. Components are 100% interoperable between each other

7. Business logic, GUI, and database/user files have their own layer of abstraction in each component

8. Components are scalable and can divide up work if it is scaled. If a component has the ability to scale, management objects inside the components allow for deactivating and activation of objects to allow for top-down management control of work distribution

9. Each component follow industry standards

For example:

GAAP compliant - GAAP stands for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

For matters pertaining to accounting

10. Good appropriate documentation of each object, function, and component. This means a user manual, developer reference, and architecture diagrams.

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